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The bathroom is often the most unappreciated room in the home.

It plays a more important role than you may have previously thought. It’s typically the first place you go after waking up, and the last place before heading off to bed. It’s there to energize in the morning, as you transition from slumber to poised and ready to face the day. After the hustle and bustle of a long day at work, running errands or wrangling the kids, it’s there to take away the stress and create a sense of calm before climbing back into bed.  Your bathroom serves as a functional space, but it can also become a sanctuary for retreat in your own home.  Imagine a room where you can unwind each day and revitalize your mind and body without interruption.  Americraft Inc will analyze your existing space and create options that will let you benefit the most from your new bathroom.  Bathroom remolding can be a daunting undertaking but we will be there with you every step of the way.

Remodeling your outdated bathroom design can both drive up the value of your home and improve your own quality of life; you can trust Americraft, Inc to transform your bathroom.

For us, the perfect bathroom starts behind the scenes. We use proven installation and proper waterproofing methods to ensure your new shower isn’t going to leak. You can rest assured that your new bathroom’s beauty is more than skin-deep. But, let’s be honest: the perfect bathroom does need the proper look and styling that ultimately reflects you and your personality, and we only use quality materials to help you achieve that look.

Whether you need a modern, contemporary, Zen-spa bathroom to keep you centered, or a luxurious, Roman-bath retreat hideaway, we help you design the bathroom that fits you, your style, your needs, on your budget.

If tub accessibility is an issue for you or someone in your household, you may want to consider installing a walk in tub that is much easier to enter than a normal bathtub. As an outstanding bathroom remodeler, we can even remove your current tub and replace it with a large walk-in shower or walk in tub, which can help reduce the risk of injury for senior citizens and others who need a safe way to bathe.  Americraft Inc is a certified Ella’s Bubbles dealer of walk in tubs. Ella’s Bubbles creates top of the line walk-in tubs. They have pioneered unique features and designs so you have the best valued walk in bathtub your money can buy. They offer many sizes of tubs with either swing in or swing out doors. They also offer gel-coat and acrylic tubs. Ella’s acrylic shells are molded from highest quality solid acrylic. An acrylic gloss finish is nonporous making it more scratch resistant, easy to clean, and impermeable to bacteria. With these options and the quality of an Ella bathtub, you are assured of finding the perfect walk-in for you

We are Ella Walk-In Bath & Walk-In Shower Specialist

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Your bathroom will thank you!

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